A pilot took place across all 6 regions (zobas)

Eritrea is a country located at the horn of Africa with a population of 3,586,319 consists of several ethnic groups, each with its own language and cultural tradition. In addition to the languages spoken by the various ethnic groups, Arabic and English are widely understood while Italian is occasionally used as well. The first Jolly Futures intervention was introduced in August 2019 to the Ministry of Education. Educational officials and ECD Unit Head were invited for the sensitisation meeting to endorse Jolly Phonics across the country. The English panel was selected to monitor and supervise in all the six zobas - Zoba Maekel, Zoba Debub, Zoba Semenawi KeiH BaHri, Debubawi KeiH BaHri, Zoba Anseba, Zoba Gash Barka by Mr Musa Naib – Director General of Department of General Education and Abraham Russom Director of Curriculum Division. Baseline assessments were carried out by the school supervisors and teachers between the pilot school and the control school across each zoba. Teachers were able to successfully start teaching with Jolly Phonics on October 2019. 5 periods were given for the Jolly Phonics session and 2 periods English for Eritrea Grade 1. Within the first semester the children showed remarkable reading skills and confidence towards the English literacy. In June an end-line assessment took place for both Pupil Books 1 and 2 based on their phonological awareness, reading, comprehension, writing, tricky words and the finding were outstanding. Based on the outstanding results a national rollout in 2021 was planned for. Due to Covid-19 this is yet to happen.


Jolly Phonics is being piloted at a national level in Eritrea, and it is hoped that the country will move to a national rollout in 2021.

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