We Offer Expert Advice and Support to Ensure a Lasting Impact

Our Delivery Partners are Jolly Phonics experts. Many of our partners also have technical expertise in other relevant areas, such as project management, monitoring and evaluation, resource development and more. Ideally, governments should utilise the available expertise to ensure high-quality and contextualised project implementation, to build the capacity of all stakeholders, to ensure system-wide integration of the method, and to ensure that the use of Jolly Phonics in schools is effective and sustained. This extra advice and support will need to be funded by governments or other donors. Read more below.

Follow-Up Support for Teachers

Usually, a single training session is insufficient to ensure that all teachers are able to go away and implement Jolly Phonics to a high standard. Most teachers will need follow-up support and encouragement after the initial donation of materials and training. In many existing Jolly Futures countries, our Delivery Partners are currently providing this support and encouragement through undertaking school visits to observe and mentor teachers, by providing remote technical advice to teachers via a Jolly Phonics “hotline”, WhatsApp groups and batch SMS, by coordinating cluster meetings amongst trained teachers and by providing refresher trainings for these teachers.

Building of Local Expertise

Our Delivery Partners can also help to build local expertise in order to ensure that the use of Jolly Phonics in schools is sustained. They can provide training, tools and mentoring to government officials and other stakeholders, so that these individuals can also provide follow-up support for teachers. Our Delivery Partners can also build-up a team of local trainers, so that new teachers and teachers in other years can be trained in Jolly Phonics at a low cost.

Contextualisation of Jolly Phonics

Although Jolly Phonics is suitable for children learning in a variety of contexts around the world, and has a proven impact in the different contexts, it can be even more effective where efforts are made to contextualise it further. Our Delivery Partners can help to re-write the Jolly Phonics sounds stories with local names and settings, develop jolly songs to local tunes, produce supplementary guidance for teachers on such things as how the programme fits in with existing curriculum and teaching frameworks, amongst other things.

Systemic Integration of Synthetic Phonics

It is important to ensure that systematic synthetic phonics is integrated throughout the education system, otherwise teachers may be confused by conflicting policies, guidance and trainings, which could affect the impact of Jolly Phonics in the classroom. Our Delivery Partners can help with reviewing and the writing of curriculum and government policies, developing pre-service teacher training modules and training lecturers to deliver these, writing teacher guides, and more.

Project Evaluation

Our Delivery Partners tend to have experience in evaluating the impact of literacy interventions. They can therefore support governments to collect and analyse data, assess learners’ literacy skills and write project reports. With their Jolly Phonics technical expertise, Delivery Partners can also advise on how to respond to challenges identified so that further improvements in early grade literacy skills can be achieved. To ensure academic rigour, our Delivery Partners usually partner with local academic institutions.

Moving Beyond Grade 1

Our Delivery Partners usually have technical expertise in Jolly Grammar, which follows Jolly Phonics, and also in how to initiate Jolly Phonics teaching in the early years. They can therefore partner with governments to train and support teachers before and after Grade 1, in order to enhance English literacy skills amongst government school children further. Many of our Delivery Partners also have experience of providing Jolly Phonics training and materials to private schools, and could work with government to do this at scale, to ensure that no children are left out.

The Provision of Extra Materials

Many of our Delivery Partners are also set up as distributors of Jolly Phonics materials, and so will be able to offer governments additional materials at a discounted price. They can also help government to print and distribute Pupil Books for new cohorts of Grade 1 learners, and also to produce supplementary materials such as flashcards.