Jolly Phonics Is Transforming Education in Assam

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The rollout in Assam started in August 2023 where in the first phase, 400 teachers were trained to teach Jolly Phonics to Grade 1 children. With the support of Samagra Sikhsha, Assam, Jolly Phonics Training was organised over a four-day period. The focus was on equipping grade 1 teachers with effective literacy teaching strategies and enhancing their understanding of the language curriculum. The second phase of training was conducted in January 2024 where the teachers were shown how to progress to the second stage of the programme. Manas Saikia Foundation recognised the importance of high quality teacher training and funded training workshops conducted by a team of certified Jolly Phonics trainers- Komal Goenka, Shweta Modi, Dipti Shah and Daksha Suryavanshi.

After the 400 teachers completed their training, they became ambassadors of the Jolly Phonics methodology, ready to impart their knowledge to the children . The classrooms transformed into vibrant spaces where learning became an exciting adventure. Teachers report that Grade 1 children in Guwahati are now able to read 3 and 4 letter words confidently and these children have fallen in love with English.

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Mr.Rebati Kakoti played a major role in executing this project in the two districts of Guwahati along with the support of FLN team members (Ms.Sneha Verma and Ms.Neetu). Mr.Rebati Kakoti’s unwavering support and dedication has been indispensable.

We sincerely thank Mr.Ramesh Jain (Chairman of SEBA) who played a pivotal role in supporting the Introduction of Jolly Phonics in Assam Government Schools. His expertise, dedication, and commitment to improving education were instrumental in facilitating the implementation process.

The success of the rollout of Jolly Phonics in Guwahati, Assam India was due to partnerships between Education Department, Jolly Futures CIC , Manas Saikia Foundation and the Ministry of Education and Training in Assam, India. More information can be found in the recent press release.