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We are not your usual development actors. Jolly Futures is made up of a global family of passionate philanthropists, experts, project managers, trainers, government officials and educators, who believe in the power of Jolly Phonics and are on a mission to give this gift to the worlds most underprivileged children.

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The publishers of Jolly Phonics, Jolly Learning Ltd, established the Jolly Futures programme in 2006 and is its main donor. The company generously donates almost all of its yearly profits so that Jolly Futures can impact even more underpriviledged children. The managing Director, Christopher Jolly, plays an active role in Jolly Futures.

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Jolly Futures CIC is a UK-registered social enterprise that has been established to manage the overall implementation of the Jolly Futures Programme. Jolly Futures supports Delivery Partners and directly partners with government to ensure high-quality projects that achieve results. We also develop technology designed to enhance the impact of Jolly Future projects.

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Jolly Futures projects are always implemented in partership with government, whether that be at a local, regional or national level. We believe that the biggest learning challenges can be found in government schools, which is why we focus on reaching government school children only. Working with government ensures that we can operate at scale and that the use of Jolly Phonics in schools is sustained.

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Delivery Partners

In-country projects are usually managed by a Delivery Partner. These people or organisations are Jolly Phonics experts that manage Jolly Futures pilots and rollouts and can provide extensive advice and support to government to ensure impactful and sustained Jolly Futures projects. Delivery Partners therefore play a fundamental role in the Jolly Futures Programme. See our projects and impact pages to read more about our implementing partners around the world.

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Implementing Partners

Jolly Phonics Trainers

A key feature of Jolly Futures is that all of our teacher training is delivered by professional Jolly Phonics Trainers from around the world, who have extensive experience of using Jolly Phonics in the classroom. This provides for high-quality training with trainers that have the technical expertise, passion and enthusiasm that will engage teachers and ensure that they are able and excited to go away and implement Jolly Phonics in their own classrooms.

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We are also keen to work with other donors who can help us to scale our projects further, sustain our existing work, and enhance our impact.

If you are an interested donor, or know of possible donors to the Jolly Future Programme, please contact us.

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