World-Leading Technology that Enhances Impact

We believe that, even in the most challenging contexts, technology can play an important role in helping to improve learning outcomes. To support teachers in Jolly Futures countries, we are able to provide the top-selling Jolly Phonics Lessons App for free. To track progress and improve teaching, we have also developed Jolly Monitor - a purpose-built high fidelity monitoring and mentoring system. Together, these tools can significantly enhance the impact of Jolly Futures projects.

Jolly Phonics Lessons

Jolly Phonics Lessons is an app for teachers that contains interactive content to help them teach a Jolly Phonics lesson. A Jolly Phonics lesson has 8 key steps and the App takes the teacher through the delivery of each step. It also contains fun games for pupils, that test pupil’s sound knowledge, and adapts to their ability. The app has more than 2 million users world-wide.

The Jolly Phonics Lessons App is free to download on Android devices in all Jolly Futures countries. At Jolly Futures training events, we share the app with teachers and show them how to download it on to their phones. The app is designed for the developing world, in that It requires a small amount of space and functions completely offline.

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Jolly Monitor

Jolly Monior is a high fidelity monitoring and mentoring system for Jolly Phonics projects that works at scale, in any context. It has been designed specifically for Jolly Futures projects.

Jolly Monitor is a technology system designed to collect & analyse huge amounts of information on Jolly Phonics projects gathered from the field, as well as support monitors with observing and mentoring teachers in Jolly Phonics, and assessing pupils. There are two components: the Jolly Monitor App and the Jolly Monitor Dashboard. Through these, effective decisions can be made by actors on all levels that will ensure better Jolly Phonics teaching and, consequently, increased literacy levels amongst pupils.

We are able to provide basic access for free to Jolly Futures projects, and scaled access at a small cost to government or implementing partners.

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Jolly Monitor App
  • Observation Guidance

    The app provides questions about the teacher and school and guides the monitor through a Jolly Phonics classroom observation
  • Instant Mentoring Feedback

    The app provides instant feedback to the monitor on how to mentor the teacher to improve their Jolly Phonics teaching. A report can also be generated to send to the teacher.
  • Pupil Assessments

    The app can also be used to assess individual pupils’ reading skills, using international reading tests such as the UK Government’s Phonics Screening Check or the Early Grade Reading Assessment.
  • Data Access

    The monitor has offline access to all the data from their assigned schools, whether collected themselves or by other team members. This enables team members to follow up on visits conducted by them, or others.

Jolly Monitor Dashboard

Analyse the data collected in the visit

After the monitoring visit, the phone connects to the Internet and the data sync’s to the Jolly Monitor Dashboard, which analyses the answers to questions, for an individual project or across projects. It also displays the aggregated results from pupil assessments, which makes it simple to understand the impact of the intervention.

Apply Metrics to Data

An advanced metrics system gives us the ability to understand the data through the lens of pre-defined metrics. Metrics can be mapped to clearly demonstrate where attention should be targeted.